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This mission to help animals is grounded in the angelic presence of Star Dancer, my beloved senior rescue horse. Star Dancer lived to 25 years of age and gained her angel wings on December 26, 2020. When she first became mine, people said she wouldn't last long due to advanced DSLD and numerous injuries from being horribly overbred and undernourished. But we knew better, Star Dancer and I. God granted me nearly four more years with her. Star Dancer lived her very best life to its absolute fullest with me and her animal children. Despite a lifetime of mistreatment before she came to live with all of us, this courageous horse had nothing but love and compassion for everyone she met. 

When Star Dancer could no longer support her own weight, this gracious equine let us know she was ready to become a real angel in Heaven. She will always be the matriarch and is the heart and soul of my rescue efforts. Inspired by a divine love, Star Dancer gives us all the courage to keep going. She loved each and every one of the animals on this page and was a loving presence to many foster animals as if they were her very own. We miss her terribly, but forge ahead in her memory.

why rescue?

It has been such a blessing to play a small part in the rescue journeys of dozens of God's creatures. It all began when I took in a starved German Shepherd begging for food in a Huddle House parking lot. I had stopped there for some late night pancakes on my way back to school. That was 33 years ago and as they say, the rest is history. Many of the animals I've helped rescue have gone without vet care or proper nutrition,  subjected to cruelty and abandonment.  Some are too far gone to save. In some cases, a single night with me and my animal family is the only peaceful place an abused or abandoned animal will ever know before crossing the Rainbow Bridge. In more than one instance, I have taken in a terminal animal knowing they will be euthanized the next day, just so they will at least know what it's like to have a hot meal and kindness in their lifetime. I cook them scrambled eggs provided by my precious chickens so they, too, can share in making them feel special.  With a care team of true human angels, we all work together to make these creatures feel loved, if even for just a brief moment in time. These are the hardest times, but also the most rewarding. 

It is an honor to partner with and support a network of rescuers and organizations, to connect requests for emergency placement, transit and connections to find needy animals' temporary and permanent homes. It's almost always a heartbreaking endeavor, but there is so much joy. Please take a moment to scroll further to read a few success stories and bear witness to the courage of the incredible animals in before-and-after photos below

There is so much willful ignorance in animal abuse. In cases of benevolent neglect,  owners' shame and feeling judged can cause them to resist rehoming an animal and can lead to continued offending. Starvation and other abuse by commercial hunting lodges is all too common, and because this special breed of animal abusers shun publicity, they often refuse animal advocates pleas to assist even resorting to executing the animals to avoid discovery of the abuse. For those reasons, I have been involved in dozens of private rescues, even in cases where the abuser is wealthy, but refuses to provide care. Animal cruelty is widespread, but the good news is, it is becoming more of a stigma. In America especially, people are voting with their dollars -- and no one likes companies who enabler abusers who willfully harm or neglect animals.    

they need all of us

My biggest expense is veterinary care, which is never ending when you have special needs animals. And I've lost count of how many times I've been at the vet's office and helped pay for stitches or emergency care for animals I've never even met. Nothing makes me happier than when someone donates to toward the ever growing veterinary bill -- because those donations make it possible for me to jump in and say "yes" more often when I'm asked to help with animal emergencies. I prefer donations go directly to the angels at our primary veterinary office, Animal Medical Services in Mount Airy. However the animals are always in need of hay, feed, labor and fencing. Here are a few ways to donate and be the most important part of someone's rescue journey:

Bale of hay ($5) 

A month of preventative medication for 1 animal ($57)

Roll of woven wire horse grade fencing ($325)

A month of feed for goats or chickens ($120)

A month of special care feed for 1 animal ($168)

Large bag of minerals ($25)

A 1-day pasture landscaping ($280)

Veterinary farm call with vaccinations ($297)

Every dollar counts. We appreciate your support!


for the animals