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Star Dancer was my beloved senior rescue horse. She  lived to be 25 years of age. Star Dancer gained her angel wings on December 26, 2020 after a long battle with advanced DSLD and wear-and-tear from her previous experiences being overbred, without proper vet care and undernourished.

the heart of a champion


When Star Dancer first became mine, someone said, "I give that horse six months...' 

But we knew better, Star Dancer and I. God granted me nearly four more years with her. Star Dancer lived her very best life to its absolute fullest with me and her animal children. Despite a lifetime of mistreatment before she came to live with all of us, this courageous horse had nothing but love and compassion for everyone she met. She mothered goats, chicken and dogs and people. Gentle beyond measure, Star Dancer stood still for her ferrier treatments, loved her vet team and was affectionate to all who knew her. 

When Star Dancer could no longer support her own weight, this gracious equine let me know she was ready to become a real angel in Heaven. She will always be the matriarch and is the heart and soul of my rescue efforts. Inspired by a divine love, Star Dancer gives us all the courage to keep going. She loved each and every one of the animals on this page and was a loving presence to many foster animals as if they were her very own. We miss her terribly, but forge ahead in her memory.



It has been such a blessing to play a small part in the rescue journeys of dozens of God's creatures. My rescue journey began long before Star Dancer, when I was just 18. I'd stopped at a Huddle House for some late night pancakes where I found a starved German Shepherd begging for food. As they say, the rest is history. Today I have eight rescue animals who have a variety of ailments, from inoperable tumors to chronic respiratory disease. I have a goat who shakes hands and another with precocious udder disorder, plus senior pet chickens. They are all so special, they've had starring roles in a news segment that aired on Fox8, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News and Yahoo! News segments, including my beloved  Gabrielle the Chicken  who loved riding in the car.   

Though I wish I could take in every stray and abused animal who wander up my driveway, I find I can help more animals using my skills as a writer and networker, connecting needy animals with forever homes including transporting emergent cases and helping cover vet bills.

Veterinary care is the biggest barrier to animal parenting and often leads to abandonment. Therefore I am passionate about fundraising for vet care and obtaining donations of animal feed and supplies. There is no way to estimate how many times I've been at the vet's office and covered emergency care for animals I've never even met so that their owners animal do not have to surrender them into the cycle of rescue and adoption. This is a great honor that I could not do without the help of many generous souls who love animals and mine in particular. We are always grateful for donations to cover surgical and preventative vet expenses through Venmo and Paypal:










In addition to my own rescue efforts, here are my favorite rescues. Please support them with your dollars and follow and like them on social media. 

Hope for Horses

Skydog Sanctuary

The Wild Beauty Foundation

Surry Animal Rescue

Engler Canyon Ranch Wild Mustang Sanctuary, part of the Serengeti Foundation 


Yancey County Humane Society

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