Experience is everything when you're hiring a writer. Otherwise you're paying for someone else's learning curve. Watch my story reel to see how I've helped hundreds of freelance clients tell their stories. 

“I had the pleasure to work with Kelly for more than seven years in my capacity as her editor. Kelly never disappointed. She welcomed my ideas and also proposed her own story ideas, always following through to produce thoroughly reported articles. She never missed a deadline and was a great communicator from start to finish on every assignment.”

-- Cindy Pierce


“I want to take this opportunity to share with you my very positive experiences dealing with Kelly and her ability to capture my thoughts and ideas and commit them to paper. In every step of the way, she offered great insight and assistance and industry knowledge. I highly recommend Kelly. She listens to the client and takes great pride in the end product but is quick to adjust and modify as needed with the client’s feedback. If the opportunity presents itself, I’d look forward to doing another project with her. Much success to you and your endeavor; it can only be enhanced by Kelly’s involvement.

-- W. Theodore Etzel, III


“It is my pleasure to support and endorse Kelly. During my career I had the privilege of working with Kelly relating to trends within the industry. Kelly is very thorough yet very easy to work with. Many of us always considered ourselves lucky because we knew our materials would be written professionally and with style. You can rest assured that your marketing and communications will be in great hands.”

-- Kathy Guyitt


“I remember when nobody knew who I was. Kelly was the first to write about me and my work. It has been an absolute pleasure and honor to be the subject of her talent. Aside from being an amazing writer and a professional person, she changes lives. I know because she changed mine and with her assistance, I have been featured in numerous publications beyond my region which has helped grow my business exponentially.”

-- Wilfredo Emanuel


“I have given over 15 seminars and am always glad when a writer attends. To have them write about my topic of presentation and quote me is very flattering and the public exposure is valuable in this world of competition. That being said, I am often surprised at how my words are misinterpreted and misconstrued. This never happened when Kelly wrote about me. I was always excited to read her work because she always professionally and accurately portrayed her subjects.”

-- Diane Toresi





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