ISBN: 978-0-9977001-0-7

Meet Kate Carrington. Single. Travel writer. Gourmand. Enjoys fleeing for her life through creepy forests, escaping sadistic maniacs and bad boy billionaires. 

A haunted past.
A madman on the loose. 
Nowhere to hide. 

For travel writer Kate Carrington, staying out of a cold grave has become priority one. Kate has a past she can’t escape, but chasing stories across continents helps her hide from it. The discovery a body leads her on a quest for answers, from Northern Italy to the slithering jungles of Central America and back home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. But when a killer catches up, her next flight could very well be her last.

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Budget Travel


Taking a fun vacation doesn't have to break the bank. In "The Everything Family Guide to Budget Travel" travel writer Kelly Merritt offers affordable ways to plan trips, helpful guides to historic sites, scenic destinations and educational travel options.