Star Dancer's Mission

Animals give us so much more than we could ever give them. It is our duty to make sure they have what they need to thrive in a human world. I love helping animals. Whether they are just passing through as fosters or they find a forever home among my existing fur and feather babies, it is a true honor to care for them. I've been blessed to have a small part in the rescue journeys of dozens of God's creatures. They have included a German Shepherd begging for food in a Huddle House parking lot back when I was just 18 to rehabilitating hunting dogs who have survived horrific neglect at a top 'luxury lodge' travel destination. Many of the animals I've helped rescue have gone without vet care or proper nutrition and some have been subjected to cruelty and abandonment. I love them all. Sometimes my animal family and I are just a stopping point for animals with no place to go when their life is in danger, and in some cases, our doorstep is the only peaceful place an animal will ever know before crossing the Rainbow Bridge. 

My mission to help animals whenever, however possible is grounded in the angelic presence of Star Dancer, my beloved senior rescue horse who gained her angel wings on December 26, 2020. When she first became mine, people said she wouldn't last long due to her advanced DSLD and numerous injuries from being overbred and undernourished. But this courageous equine being shared three and a half more years of her life with me. When she could no longer support her own weight, Star Dancer let me know she was ready to become a real angel in Heaven. She is the heart and soul of my rescue efforts and the inspiration behind every life saved here. Star Dancer is the source of strength to continue even when animals arrive here with no hope of surviving, but who at least receive a day of love, kindness, a hot meal and dignity before crossing over. She continues to inspire my rescue journey and I would not trade one moment with her for anything.

My dream is to one day build a sanctuary for emergency foster animals and award grants to deserving rescue organizations as part of a formal 501(c)3 foundation. Until then, I do what I can in my own limited means for my forever home animals and every creature who wanders up my driveway or tugs at my heartstrings. Working with a network of likeminded rescuers and organizations, I respond to and forward requests for emergency placement, transit and connections to find temporary and permanent placement for homeless animals. This has included horses, goats, dogs, chickens, rabbits, cats but I am thrilled to be in service to any animal in need. The before and after photos in the gallery below are some of my favorite success stories. 

Among the members of my animal family in the gallery to the right are special needs fur and feather babies. My biggest expense is veterinary care which are ongoing with emergency care in the thousands. I am always grateful for donations toward their ongoing medical maintenance and emergencies. And I am always in need of labor out here on the farm. Click here to make a donation towards medical care, hay, feed and shelter maintenance. We all appreciate your support!

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